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About NTN

Nordic Transport political Network (NTN) is a regional cooperation on transport political topics between 2 Norwegian and 3 Danish Regions. The network has existed since 1998.

The participants in the network are all regions within a joint transport corridor which links western Scandinavia with the central European markets. The corridor covers transport systems in South-east Norway, Western Sweden, Western Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein. The corridor incorporates those resources which can ensure efficient goods transport between the regions in the corridor and Central and Eastern Europe. It is important to create solutions for a more sustainable and efficient (Jutland) corridor, and thus position the corridor as an attractive option for freight and passenger transport.

The transport corridor from Sweden/Norway through Jutland in Denmark to other parts of Europe on both road, sea and rail is of great importance for the companies, as well as for the development in the surrounding regions. It is therefore crucial that road and rail infrastructure have a capacity and technology to ensure coherence throughout the entire corridor to create sustainable growth and jobs.