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Region of North Denmark

The Region of North Denmark is the gateway to Norway and Sweden. It places special demands on the overall infrastructure, and requires particularly good access to ports. These play a key role in creating connections to Norway and Sweden, and secures that we can maintain our role as a transport corridor between the West Scandinavia, through Jutland to Germany and central European market. It is an objective for North Denmark to develop the transport corridor to ensure better mobility at a local, regional and European level.

Work to expand the North Denmark infrastructure occurs in close cooperation with the municipalities in North Denmark, Aalborg University and enterprises in North Denmark. Therefore, there is agreement between the Region of North Denmark and the North Denmark municipalities on the overall infrastructure priorities, to:

  • establish a thrid Limfjord Connection
  • improved the railway from Aarhus to Frederikshavn
  • improve the road between Hanstholm, Skive and Herning

Furthermore, it will be important to improve the bridge over Aggersund and Route 11 between Thisted and Aalborg. Targeted efforts to implement these priorities continues to contribute to the development of the transport corridor.

To read more about regional development in the Region of North Denmark, please visit our website.

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